måndag 31 januari 2011


Ligger efter med bloggen. Nu har jag 51 inlägg i huvudet. Här kommer fortsättningen på illustrations-beställningen av NY-baserade Woo-illustratören Al Murphy. 
Pappa, snälla. Översätt för mamma, okej?

Dear Al!
The illustration is so funny. I'm getting laughing wrinkles.

I know you probably don't expect a second correction round, but I can't help myself:

Ida's hair is now spot on. Her height is perfect to. Her - a bit serious face expression - is also VERY VERY IDA. 

From this...................To this!

 - The lips still looks a bit "boyish". Do you think there is any way to do the upper-lip-curves-bows aswell?
- Frances size, much better. Can you make her just a little bit shorter?
- Can you make her fringe straight? 

Bellas shirt collars are very very Bella. My hair and bow tie very very me. Bellas exact face expression still surprises me!

A last wish. (Then I promise you'll get rid of me. The new person I've become. This annoying amateur-shameless-no-budget-Who-do-you-think-you-are-Art-Director. To be honest. I'm a bit embarresed with my self. Think it's time I pay you. How much time have you put down? Let me know. Please).

- Do you think you can add something that's typical for Ida and Frances?

For example:
- Frances: "childrens" necklace, knitted cap with bobble, dungaree / overall - but with skirt (you know I collect 70's clothes, so she's kind of from that era).
- Ida: Beret (always wears one)

I think I would be the most annoying AD in the world if I was one. Illustrators would hate working with me.



Svar från Al på min andra korrektur:


Round three is the round where illustrations get officially 'over tweaked' and I've just felt the first sensation of 'over-tweak-syndrome'!!

I don't mind making the changes, I promise : ))
I'll make as many as you like, but there is a definite point where it suddenly feels like the innocent charm is disappearing...
So take a look at these changes and let me know what you think?



It’s perfect! But with the innocent charm left, like a wedding day!

When do you come to Stockholm? Dinner and drinks on me - or do you prefer cash to your accont? Please let me know, I feel like I've been the worst pain in the ass ever. But it was worth it..!


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  1. Fantastisk bild! Rolig blogg, har läst igenom hela i ett streck. Helena, du är rolig. Ida, det är nog nyttigt för dig att bo själv, för fan, aldrig bytt dammsugarpåse!