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(Tisdag 11 januari)

Hi Al

Do you think you can do me a favour, if and when you have time? 
I'm doing a carpenter-blog and would really like you to do a an illustration of my carpenter team. If you're up for it I can send you a short breif, but I will not be angry if you're not. You 
know you can always say no to me. 

Kram /Helena




OF COURSE I will do you a little illustration for your carpentry project!! I would be only too happy. It'll be my New Year present to you : ) 

You send me your short brief and I'll send you whatever you need 

Lots of love xx 

Thank you so much Al! I'm happy! 
Here's the breif... 

The plan is to build a kids-room, or more a "loft / bunk / hut / bed / desk-place". I'm going to do it with two other people: Ida and Frances.  
Ida is my little brothers ex-girlfriend and Frances is their 4-year old daughter. (I love her to death, Frances lives half the time at Idas place and half the time at my brothers) 

Ida is very special. She's a "book-person", intellegent and analytic. She is studying at a commercial-agency school here in stockholm to be a copywriter. She's one of my closest friends (even though she's divorced from my brother).
Ida and I are the very opposite. I'm practical, can build stuff, sew, and everything goes very quickly.  

Ida is slow when it comes to practical stuff. She moves kind of in slow maotion. One time I saw her running to catch a train, the weird thing was that she was just walking a bit faster than usual.
When she's stressed she gets blocked out and she starts to do things even slower. One time she said she was impressed by me dishwashing. She was amazed that I did it that quickly and it still got clean. 

Besides this, she's also very beautiful and tall. The kind of beauty you get a bit afraid of at first. She knows she's pretty, but she's very bad of using that "skill". Wich I think is a sympathetic quality. (Who likes beautiful pompus people? (I just looked that weird word up). There is nothing cocky about her. She's pleasent to hang around with.  

She into fashion, mostly second hand stuff. 

My mission with this project (besides buildning a funny kidsroom at Idas apartement for Frances) is to make Ida more confident when it comes to practical stuff. 

Character two - Frances: 
She's 4 years old in january. She's very determined. She gets really angry when she doesn't have things her way. She tightens her fists and jaws and turns red before she starts screaming.
She's funny and likes creative stuff. This summer me and my brother built a tree house with her. We bought her a small toolbox with a mini-saw. Most of the other girls at daycare wears everything in pink. Frances doesn't care much about masculine and feminine - yet. She wants her room blue. 

Character three - Me:
I'm very handy and practical. Hot-tempered and fiery. I want things to happen quickly. At the same time I'm very accurate. I often get overexcited. Then I'm clumsy and break things. My family has always called my The elephant. When I walk you can hear it. When you hear the word graceful, my appearence does'nt pop up in your head.

I don't mind doing mistakes, I belive you can fix anything. I'm kind of protective over Ida, almost like an older sister. (I hate girls that call eachother sisters when they're not, that's not a healthy freindship). An example: If we are in a shop and Ida is going to ask the salesperson something, she speaks slow and quiet. So I speak instead of her as if she was retarded and I'm her mom.  (I know, very annoying. Should really stop doing that). 

That's it, hope it's enough. Stylewise I'm attatching some ref-pics that you made for another project. I like it when the lines are handdrawn.
My plan is to put the illustration at the top of the blog. Maybe I'll make some t-hirts aswell. Would be swell (is that the wright word?) if you could dress us as carpenters with checked shirts. 

Email me if you have any questions, It's very difficult to make a breif... 

Also, there is no hurry with this illustration.  

Thanks a lot Al!  /Helena



This is a very good detailed brief. It's probably the most detailed brief I've ever had. Ever. In 12 years of being an Illustrator.  

Did you REALLY build that treehouse? Next to the water? O.M.G. that's the BEST treehouse I've ever, ever seen!!! Looks like it was beamed in from Moomin Land. It's SO good!

Ok, illustration coming up in the next week or so xx 


Haha, is that true?! Then I'm a quite good "breifer".

(To Al with copy to Isabelle) 

Dear Al 

Sorry to bother you, but our team has grown from 3 to 4, do you think you can add my sister?  She felt left out so we said she could be assistent nr 4. Now Frances has someone to boss around with. 

She looks like me but 10 cm shorter. She's got really long hair, it's pretty weird. She's got this party-joke when she takes her hair and put it on others.

Cheers /Helena

I'm not 10 cm shorter (Isabelle)

Yes you are Isabelle. Just deal with the fact that you are a very very short person. Do you want to be a part of the team or not..?! 

(Also: Never ever disturbe one of my creators again)

Ladies, come on. Size isn't everything. I certainly hope not anyway, I'm only about 3 feet tall myself. 

Extra illustration no problem : ) 


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