torsdag 6 oktober 2011


(Mail till illustratören Al Murphy)

We are thinking of making a spin-off from the Bun-Blogg. An online, no charge, dating service.

The difference from a traditional site would be that on this one you don't sell yourself. You're mother, best friend or cousin will do it for you.

Selling yourself, or things you've made on you're own, is a classic dilemma. That's why I'm your agent.

The idea started with my brother wanting me to write an "AD" about him looking for love, and put it on the blog. Which I did. Soon I had 15 other voluntary victims standing in line.

The name of the dating site would be "Shall we bake buns?" (sounds much less weird in Swedish).

My question is, would you consider illustrating the logo?

I promise I'm not going to be as picky as I was with this blog's logo. I have a quite detailed sketch and this time you won't be portraiting real people, which I think will make it much more straightforward.

We don't know if we're capable of realising this project. Or if we're going to be able to make money out of it. But what we can offer you in return is a share of this future company.

Take you're time and think about it. And don't be afraid to turn me down!

(Before you do so, you should know that Stockholm is called the worlds most singel-frequent city, with it's 343.000 lonely people).

Big Hug! /Helena & the Bun-Crew

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